Denys Zvenigorodskyy


2013 – Master‘s thesis (Transportation Design) at the Weissensee School of Art and Design / Germany; 2009 – Master‘s thesis (Industrial design) at the State Academy of Art and Design / Ukraine; 2006 – Bachelor‘s thesis at the State Academy of Art and Design / Ukraine.

work experience:
07.–10.2014 – Alias Modellar at KET Munich for BMW; 01.–10.2013 – Thesis at BMW Exterior Design Department (BMW, Munich, Germany); 11.2011–12.2012 – Intern at BMW in Design Department (BMW, Munich, Germany); 2010–2011 – several International projects: „Setoi Naikai“ (Japan), „BMW i“ (Germany, England); and author of several workshops for sketching; 2006–2009 – Freelancer

2012 – Taping at the Berlin Weissensee School of Art (Berlin, Germany) in collaboration with BMW Group (Munich, Germany).
from 2011 to 2012 – Author of several Sketch Rendring tutorials at the Berlin Weissensee School of Art (Berlin, Germany).

2010 – Designforum of designeducation student’s scientific work: 1-st place
2009 – Festival of subject design on a bathroom theme “Water-Parad”: 3 awards from: “Grohe” (Germany), “Agape” (Italy) and Ukrainian Design Union.
2007 – All-Ukrainian scientific Designconference conference: 3-rd place.
2005 – All-ukrainian competition of Design: 3-rd place.

Russisch – native language
Ukrainisch – native language
Deutsch – fluent
Englisch – good.



  • Hand rendering
  • Digital renderin
  • Alias Automotive
  • Adobe CS